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Strathmore Lodge Nursing Home - Catering


We believe mealtimes are the most important part of our day and good food is the greatest pleasure in life. We pay special attention to ensuring that not only are our meals nutritionally balanced but are also delicious and that special dietary requirements are catered for. All our meals are freshly prepared daily.

Meals are served to residents either in the dining room or their bedroom if preferred. In addition, refreshments are provided at intervals, from early morning through to bedtime.

Our team are well experienced in assisting our guests if they have trouble taking in food. We are committed to making sure all of our guests are comfortable whilst they are here.

Our expert catering team can meet a wide variety of therapeutic and cultural needs, for example:

Allergies – residents with food intolerances will be on diets that are complementary to their needs
Low weight – residents who are losing weight or have lost weight may have their food fortified or high calorific / high protein diets to be implemented
Dementia – those with dementia may require finger foods or soft diets. We would also ensure that residents are assisted during meal times if required
Diabetics – require a varied healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables and starchy carbohydrates but low in sugar and saturated fat